Thor's Hammer Custom Leather

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Flashlight Holsters

I have never been impressed with the quality of flashlight holsters and pouches.  I carry and use a flashlight every day.  I used them for duty, and so look at a flashlight as essential gear.  Being critical to my work, I have always found the holsters one can get, to be lacking.  Carrying spare batteries on your person can also present a problem.  I decided to fix the problem.

Another problem with leather flashlight holsters and pouches is that they always seem to have that loop in the back where you have to take your belt off in order to take the holster off the belt.  Not with mine.  I use a spring steel clip on the back so there is no need to undress just to get the holster off.  If you prefer a belt loop, that is no problem for me to make as well.

Worried about the clip wearing out?  Don't.  I warranty even the clip for life.  I can because I have never had one wear out or lose it's tension.

Any design can be done.  If you see a firearm holster on this website that you think would make a great flashlight holster design, it can be done.  The photos of my work are just to give you an idea of what is possible.

The spare battery carriers, I call them "saddlebags" hold the batteries tightly, so there is no fear of losing your batteries.  They can be made to hold 1 or 2 spare batteries depending on the battery.

Whether it's a Leatherman pouch, a flashlight holster, or whatever you choose to EDC, I can make a pouch to hold it securely so it is where it is supposed to be when you need it.

Lot's of flashlights in my shop
It is possible that I will need your flashlight in order to make a perfect fit holster for it, but I do try to keep several lights around.


If you want to carry it, and not in a pocket, then I can make a pouch for it.  Doesn't much matter what it is.  Magazine pouches, multitool pouches, knife pouches... I'm your Huckleberry.

Belt Wallets

Belt wallets are pouches with flaps designed to hold credit/debit cards and cash.  They can be made in any thickness.  They normally come with a spring steel clip on the back but can be made with a belt loop as well.  It keeps you from sitting on your wallet and throwing your back out.  They can also be lined with an RFID blocker since all the cards seem to be "chipped" now.  With the belt clip, a spare car or house key and be put between the clip and the pouch, so you always have a spare key with you.  This is the type of wallet I personally use.  Like everything I make, it has a lifetime warranty.

Cell Phone Cases

I will need the exact dimensions of your phone with whatever protective case you have on it.  I will then make the case a little loose so you can get your phone out of it.  Vertical or horizontal carry, it doesn't matter matter.  Your case will be built from scratch.  My case will outlast your phone.